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Buon giorno☆
I'm AI HONDA EKLUND and I'm a multi opera singer (mezzo soprano)♪
I’ve been singing for over 15 years

Thank you very much for looking at my page. Please read on to learn more about me♪

(At my maskmaker friend's shop in Venice, Italy)

(At a Ryukou Gakuen TV Appearance)

I don't want my profile to be too stuffy, so to put it simply, I am a singer who lives in Sweden. I also used to live in Italy so I can speak Italian too. I can speak and understand a little bit of Chinese, Korean, and some European languages. I can also speak a little bit of English, but I have a bit more trouble with it than other languages…which is why I am working hard learning it from other teachers on Cafetalk♪

I started learning the piano, the electone, and the flute as a child and I began vocal music in my first year of high school!

(Singing at a concert in an Italian restaurant in Tokyo♪)

Vocal music is super fun♪

If I had to choose, I'd say that I like singing in restaurants more than concerts. You can see the customers up close and there's nothing quite like that feeling of excitement♪
It’s as fun as performing in something like a flashmob☆ 

(A newspaper article about a Japanese culture event that I sang at in Marostica, Italy)

I am making a scary face this picture, aren't I?? Haha
Anyhow, it was my first performance in Italy so I was really nervous!!
Learning how to sing is not difficult. If you're wondering whether or not you can do it, just give it a try! I will answer all your questions and I even offer trial lessons, so please feel free to try them out☆
I will make it easy for anyone understand, and teaching you will also help me learn♪

There are lessons for each and every level, so please take your time to choose.

(The lesson room/bedroom in my house. You can see the lake and train tracks from the window♪)

☆Detailed Profile☆
Hokusei Gakuen High School, Music Department, Vocal Music Major
Showa Academia Musicae, Music Department, Vocal Music Major
Electone from age 4, piano from age 5, flute from age 8, vocal music from age 15
Went abroad for flute at the ages of 10 and 12
Opera debut in Japan at 19 in the operetta Die Fledermaus. Also became the president of the piano club I was in at school and planned many performances.
After graduating university I worked for two years and then moved to Italy in 2009. During the 3 and a half years I lived in Italy, I worked both as a performer and as a chef's apprentice.
In September of 2011, I played and sang Japanese songs at a Japanese culture event in Marostica, Italy. After that, I collaborated with a language school in Florence called Machiavelli and did a charity concert for earthquake relief.
After returning home, I spent fall of 2012 to April of 2014 performing in concerts all over Japan. I started in my hometown of Hokkaido, and continued on to Tokyo, Shinagawa, Kochi, Kagawa, Hiroshima, and Okinawa. Now I organize events with my friend in Italy to build bridges between European and Japanese culture.
I have studied vocal music under Tomoko Aikawa, Ken Matsuura, Asako Uchimura, Patrizia Scivoletto, musical expression under Giovanni Gustiano, and piano under Kiseko Takenaka, Keiko takenaka, Hiroko Yoshimoto, and Hiroshi Takasu.

♪♪♪Things to keep in mind about the lessons♪♪♪

(My "garden" is actually a forest♪)

☆Music Lessons☆
① I can respond to your requests more smoothly if you make them at least 24 hours beforehand

② I don't have specific practice books for my lessons (except for the Concone, Chorübungen, and classical Italian music lessons), so it would be easier for me if you let me know which song you want to sing beforehand. Also, I live in the mountains of Sweden, so unless it's sheet music that I already have or can find on the internet, please send me an attachment before the lesson. The lessons will run a lot more smoothly if we communicate with each other well beforehand.

③ Voice lessons are for ages 12 and up~
I can offer lessons for any genre, but I think around the first year of high school, when your vocal cords and body is almost done developing, is a great time to start. Please feel free to contact me.

④ I may be available even during unlisted times, so please consult with me.

☆Singing and dancing lessons for children☆
① When making the request, please let know what your child’s favorite songs are so that I can easily decide what material to use during class.

② It depends on the child’s age, but I may ask that you take the lesson alongside your child so that the lesson runs more smoothly.

☆Massage Lessons☆
① After you make the request, please create a document listing your symptoms and concerns and attach it to the request page.

② Please finish eating at least 30 minutes before the lesson and have a hot drink such as warm water or tea after the lesson for the best results. We will be using lotion or body oil during the lesson, so if you don’t like the sticky feeling it’s okay to shower or bathe afterwards, but for the scalp massage lesson, please make sure to go in the shower beforehand and come to class with hair treatment/conditioner still in your hair. You can then shower after the lesson. If you’d like to shower before the lesson, please make sure to use a hair treatment that doesn’t rinse out.

③ Please have any type of lotion or body oil prepared.

☆Walking Lessons☆
① During this lesson, I will be using my iPhone to show the scenery of the forest and streets around my house. You can walk along with me, or if you’re simply interested in seeing a Swedish forest, you can take a look as you talk to me. I have several different routes prepared for this lesson.

② I can only give this lesson when the sun it out, so the available times for this lesson differ by season.

③ This lesson is influenced by the weather, so please make sure to 3 desired dates and times when making a request. Sweden has bad weather some days, regardless of what time of year it is.

④ During the lesson, there is a point where my phone will switch from the house’s wifi to 3G. Please note that the connection may cut out a bit during at point. If it does get cut, I will call you back right away, so it’s no problem.

☆Fashion Lessons☆
① For this lesson, if you let me know what your questions and concerns are beforehand, I can prepare those items so that you can take a look while we discuss them during the lesson.

② Please bring items that you have a hard time matching with other items in your wardrobe to class.

☆Language Lessons☆
We will be using class material such as a textbook during my lessons, but since I currently live in Sweden, I generally ask that my students come prepared with their own class material. I have some Japanese and Italian teaching material on hand.

My conversation lessons are generally conversation only, but I can explain parts that you don’t understand using the chat function on Skype.

☆Counseling Lessons☆
Let’s relax and chat over a cup of tea. If you would like to request a language study counseling session, please let me know your current situation beforehand so that I can prepare a better counseling session for you.

☆Cooking Lessons☆
① For my cooking lessons, I will first have you choose whether you would like to learn from looking at the menu or by watching and learning.

② I live in a rural area that doesn’t have a supermarket and I may not have the necessary ingredients at home. Please make your request at least 3 days in advance.

③ Please note that it takes time to prepare the recipes and I will charge a cancellation fee for same day cancellations.

☆★All Lessons★☆
① Please 3 desired time slots when making a request.

② If you have any requests for lessons you’d like me to create, please feel free to send me a message at any time.

③ I normally do not charge a cancellation fee, but I will collect the fee if you make continuous or same day cancellations.

④ I may be available to teach outside of my normal hours, so please feel free to consult with me.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions(^^)/
I'm looking forward to seeing you during our lessons!♪

Translation: 8/2015 - The Cafetalk Team

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