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  1. *0からドイツ語* requested
    1 minutes ago
    by... Keiko
  2. 01 Espresso requested
    4 minutes ago
    by... Serena
  3. English for Children Just completed
    29 minutes ago
    by... Maria E
  4. こども英会話 Just completed
    30 minutes ago
    by... Maggie
  5. 子供英語(年長~小学生) Just completed
    36 minutes ago
    by... Yuko_M
  6. ゼロから始めるイタリア語 requested
    37 minutes ago
    by... Kayo
  7. Russian for beginners (30 min) Just completed
    40 minutes ago
    by... Nika
  8. English Speaking Course ( 4 Lessons ) Just completed
    45 minutes ago
    by... Emiko
  9. Fish & Chips - English Chat Just completed
    51 minutes ago
  10. ロシア語 Free Talk Just completed
    57 minutes ago
    by... Natalia
  11. Reading Columns and Web News Written in Japanese requested
    1 hours and 38 minutes ago
    by... Emi H
  12. 瞬間応答文 requested
    1 hours and 41 minutes ago
    by... Junko

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I want to learn English.

Dear Sir / Madam, My name is Ryoko Naito, and I am from Japan. I am mad for BBC Sherlock and Doctor Who, so I have been learning British English. Although I have sent some fan letters to British actors, I would like to write more fascinating lines. I am dreaming that if there would be a chance, I would like to be friend or acquaintance with them, or I would like them to just remember my name. I hope my dream could come true! Sorry that I am really mad or crazy. Best regards, Ryoko Naito

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I want to learn English.

to improve my conversation skills in english.

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I want to learn English.

オンラインで気軽に出来る、顔ヨガ、指ヨガ、美顔マッサージ、ツボ押しなど、英語で教えて頂ける「セルフケア」「自分磨き」レッスンを探してます! Looking for online self-care and self massage lessons. For example, facial yoga, finger massage, light stretch... anything I can do in front of my PC, and doesn't take much time and space. I'd love to learn Engilsh as well as something refreshing for my brain and health:)

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I want to learn Korean.

初心者なので丁寧に1から教えてください まず韓国語を打てるようになりたいです

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Suggestions: 2

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