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  1. ハングル入門しちゃおう!! Just completed
    5 minutes ago
    by... rara
  2. できる韓国語シリーズ requested
    21 minutes ago
    by... Dahee
  3. Quick Hit: Conversation Just completed
    45 minutes ago
  4. 01 Magari! requested
    47 minutes ago
    by... Serena
  5. Basic Spanish language course requested
    48 minutes ago
    by... Esther
  6. 音読 requested
    59 minutes ago
    by... Junko
  7. フリートーク編 Just completed
    1 hours and 8 minutes ago
    by... blue2g
  8. 海外ドラマ Grey's Anatomy から学ぶ Just completed
    1 hours and 44 minutes ago
    by... Kimmie
  9. 日英翻訳ライティング Just completed
    1 hours and 56 minutes ago
    by... Kumi

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I want to learn Japanese.

I want to be able to speak Japanese fluently.

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Suggestions: 7

I want to learn English.

1)4歳児向けの英語レッスン 2)30分以内 3)日曜午後に実施 4)日本語を最低限理解する講師(流暢でなくて結構です) 上記条件に合致するレッスンがなかったため、新規にリクエスト致します。 3)は父の休日に対応するため、また4)は英語を喋らない母が対応する可能性もあるため、それぞれ必要です。 いかがでしょうか? Hello, I would like to request an Engish lesson course for my 4-year-old daughter as below: 1) English lessons for my 4-year-old child 2) less than 30 min 3) Sunday afternoon 4) minimum Japanese language skill

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I want to learn Japanese.

For beginners, with basics and japanese writing

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I want to learn Japanese.

Japanese for beginners

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Suggestions: 6

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