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  1. Talk, talk, talk Just completed
    10 minutes ago
    by... Esther
  2. フリートーク requested
    14 minutes ago
    by... Yuko_M
  3. はじめてのドイツ語 30分 Just completed
    17 minutes ago
    by... Maggie
  4. 中学英語で瞬間英作文 Just completed
    20 minutes ago
    by... Jake
  5. ロシア語 Free Talk requested
    24 minutes ago
    by... Natalia
  6. ロシア語 Free Talk requested
    25 minutes ago
    by... Natalia
  7. ドイツ語を話そう Just completed
    34 minutes ago
    by... orie
  8. Conversation Lesson (short) requested
    38 minutes ago
    by... Celeste
  9. English for College and University requested
    43 minutes ago
    by... Denver

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I want to learn English.


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I want to learn Japanese.

I wish to learn japanese. It is my dream to go to japan as an exchange student. I already know english and french, after i learned japanese, i'm going to atake spanish, then polish.

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I want to learn French.

全くの初心者です。 発音からしっかり学びたいと思っています。

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I want to learn Japanese.

일본에서 잠시 생활 한 적은 있습니다만, 현재 직업은 일본어와 전혀 관련이 없고 학원도 다니지 않는 상태로 일본어를 사용하고 지열처럼 다양한 표현을 배우고 사용하고 싶고 상황에 따른 표현을 배우며 가르침 받으면 대화해 보고 싶습니다. 부탁드립니다.

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