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  1. DUO3.0音読。 Just completed
    19 minutes ago
    by... Nonomy
  2. Romi's Room Just completed
    23 minutes ago
    by... Romi
  3. Travel the UK! Just completed
    41 minutes ago
    by... AngeW
  4. あなたの為だけの特別レッスン requested
    1 hours and 7 minutes ago
    by... Romi
  5. 基礎英語 requested
    1 hours and 19 minutes ago
    by... yukojpn
  6. 音読・ディクテーション(25分単発) requested
    1 hours and 31 minutes ago
    by... Romi
  7. スタートアップ - Let's get to know each other! requested
    1 hours and 42 minutes ago
    by... Kimmie
  8. Picture Description 101 requested
    1 hours and 50 minutes ago
    by... Allison
  9. ドイツ語会話トレーニング requested
    2 hours and 19 minutes ago
    by... Shoko_T
  10. 实用中国语!旅行会话! requested
    3 hours and 10 minutes ago

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I want to learn Japanese.

So I can learn better

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Suggestions: 1

I want to learn Chinese.

I'm in the Philippines now but I want to learn how to speak/converse, do basic reading and writing in Chinese. I want an interactive and lively class environment. I also hope my teacher is patient, open-minded, does his/her best to evaluate my needs and applies proper methods/materials based on it; also, teaches casual and formal conversation lessons.

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I want to learn Spanish.

To understand more. And understand my friends

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I want to learn English.

I need to improve my English conversation skills because I got a new job that work for Tourist Information Center in my hometown. I used to go to English school in Japan 10 years ago, but I forgot how to speak. I'm bad at grammar and writing but I have to remember how to speak first I guess. I'm Japanese and probably my Korean skills is better than my English skills now. so, I don't care that explaining during lessons in English, Japanese, or Korean.

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