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  1. Conversation française requested
    3 minutes ago
  2. 聞き取れるかな?トレーニング Just completed
    37 minutes ago
    by... Nami
  3. 30 second dialogue requested
    38 minutes ago
    by... Kimmie
  4. 毎日ちょっとづつ15分レッスン Just completed
    39 minutes ago
    by... Nami
  5. Practice Problems Just completed
    57 minutes ago
  6. Say what you see! (30 mins) Just completed
    58 minutes ago
  7. Learn with 'Breaking News English' requested
    1 hours and 6 minutes ago
  8. Japanese Grammar Lesson for Beginner Just completed
    1 hours and 7 minutes ago
    by... Umi
  9. おしゃべりTIME!50min. イン英語 Just completed
    1 hours and 32 minutes ago
  10. 子供の英会話 requested
    1 hours and 33 minutes ago
  11. 子供の英会話 requested
    1 hours and 34 minutes ago

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I want to learn English.

I'd like you to make a lesson of writing without using Skype. In the lesson, I would like to practice summarizing an article found on the Internet and expressing my opinions logically about the article. You or the student chooses an article. Perhaps it's about social issues. I'd like to write around 200-word essays. In addition, I'd like you to correct not only grammer and vocaburary but also logic. I'd appreciate it if you set the price around 500 points or less.

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I want to learn English.

試験直前対策として。 短期(1日、2日程度)の長時間(1日あたり4時間ほど)に及ぶIELTS speaking 対策講座が欲しい。 もしくは、IELTSの総合的講座が欲しい。

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I want to learn French.

French culture. Half hour only :). I really want to understand the different cultures and regions of France. Offered in French or English. La culture française. Demi-heure seulement :). Je veux vraiment comprendre les différentes cultures et régions de France. En français ou en anglais c'est bien.

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I want to learn Japanese.

일본의 조리전문학교로 유학을 가려고 합니다. 예비조리사로서 일본을 택한 이유는 제과부문이 탄탄해서인데요. 일본어를 배우는 것이 1차 목적이지만 일본의 디저트문화도 알고 싶습니다. 강사님이 음식에 대해 관심이 있으시다면 더 좋겠습니다. 요리과정을 일어로 뭐라 하는지도 배우고 싶으니까요. 디저트를 좋아하시는 분이라면 좋겠어요! 강의는 가능한한 회화위주로 해주셨으면 좋겠습니다. 지금 일본어학원에 다니며 기초를 쌓고 있지만... 말을 못꺼내고 주저하게 되네요. 유연한 대화가 하고싶습니다. 시간은 아침 8시 20분에서 9시 20분까지 가능하고, 저녁 10시에서 11시까지 가능합니다.

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