The holiday season is the time to send letters!

Send Airmail!!

Learn everything from how to write a letter to how to send it! In conjunction with the Japan Post Service

Step 1. All About Airmail

Different countries have different rules on how to address letters. The Japan Post Service's website offers information in English, Chinese, and Korean on how to address letters.

Learn how to create, write, and send greeting cards overseas!

Step 2. Learn phrases that are commonly used in letters

Greeting cards from Cafetalk tutors! Let's learn these useful phrases♪

행복과 기쁨이 넘치는 하루를 보내세요~!
즐거운 마음으로 1년의
마무리를 잘하시길 바래요~!

From yuni

May you have the spirit of Christmas which is peace, the gladness of Christmas which is hope, and the heart of Christmas which is love.

From Mark Roy

Tender is the Heart and warm is the fireplace, making this the best season of the year to share Eggnog with your loved ones ~ Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

From Robin

Christmas truly is a magical time of year - All my moneys completely disappeared!

From Darius

Vi auguriamo di passare un Natale sereno tra i vostri affetti piu' cari. Il Natale è un giorno di pace per tutti, una notte di serenità e d’amore. Ti auguro di cuore che tu possa vivere il sogno più bello!

From Miho. T.

Thank you for being a part of my 2012 and filling it with
the most wonderful light.
May 2013 bring you lots of smiles and happiness!

From Sakura

Greeting card phrases in foreign languages

Step 3. Learn more phrases and etiquette during the lesson!

During your Cafetalk lessons, you can learn many different variations on a phrase. You can even learn each country's letter writing etiquette.


  • Length: 30 mins
  • Points: 1,000
  • Tutor: yuni Tutor



  • Length: 30 mins
  • Points: 1,200
  • Tutor: Miho. T. Tutor



  • Length: 30 mins
  • Points: 1,200
  • Tutor: Miho. T. Tutor



  • Length: 15 mins
  • Points: 1,000
  • Tutor: Mark Roy Tutor

気の利いた挨拶から住所の書き方まで全面サポート!We can cover things like common greetings, clever ways to say 'hi!' and closing words. I can also tell you how to sign your cards with a flourish and correctly write the address as well!

See more letter writing lessons!

Step 4. Send your letter! Send New Year's Cards to Switzerland!

Participate in this year's New Year's Card contest by sending one to Switzerland!

Mark Roy講師のレッスンの 体験談を公開しました!

Start writing your airmail now!


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