Would you like to experience Yoga for free from home?

Selected students will be eligible to take 2 online Yoga lessons free of charge. As a bonus, we're giving away an additional lesson if you post public feedback after your first lessons!


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				Application Guidelines

Application Period: April 10th (WED) - April 15th (MON)

Category : Yoga

  • Must be passionate about learning and interested Yoga
  • Students who have taken a lesson before but were hesitant about continuing
  • Other

Selection: 10 people maximum

More details
  • You receive one more free lesson if you post public feedback after taking your first two lessons.

Sharing your experience on social media such as Facebook and Twitter is highly encouraged, but not required.

Regarding lesson tester tickets:

please note that lesson tester tickets can't be used for tutors you have already taken lessons with in the past.

Apply to be a monitor!

Please fill out all of the information on the application form to apply.

  • Date of Birth
  • Reason I want to be a monitor


*Please note that monitoring opportunities may be canceled if no suitable candidates are found.

*Please note that only applicants selected as lesson testers will be contacted by April 18.


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