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好きなお酒「グラスホッパー」(My Favourite drink "Grasshopper")

Weekly Topic: My Favorite Alcoholic Beverages!

Samstag, 12. Juni 2021, 21:37

「グラスホッパー」は日本[にほん]の夏[なつ]の夜[よ]にぴったりだと思[おも]います。友達[ともだち]に「グラスホッパー」がすごく飲[の]みたいと言[い]うと、その本当[ほんとう]の意味[いみ]を知[し]らない友達[ともだち]はだいたい眉[まゆ]をひそめます。ははは (´▽`)
(*Some of my English should not be translated literally. I would be glad if it could be helpful for people to understand the context of my Japanese)
Recently I haven't drink but there is still an unforgettable cocktail. 
It is the cocktail called "Grasshopper", which is combined mint liqueur with cacao liqueur and cream.
When I went abroad, I first ordered Kahlua milk at a restaurant, which is combined coffee liqueur with cream or milk. It was popular in Japan at that time. Unfortunately, they didn't have it. Instead of it, a server recommended "Grasshopper". At first, the name sounded not so good to me but it tasted really good‼ 
I think it goes well with a summer night in Japan. When I say to my friends that I love to drink "Grasshopper", my friends that don't know its real meaning commonly frown at me. hahaha

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