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Columns from this tutor to Cafetalk students.
Published 15 Sep, 2018 | View: 394
こんにちは!日本語講師のTomochiです! 実はいま夏休みで、インドネシアのバリ島に旅行に来ています。 バリ島は天気も良く、とてもすごしやすい気候で快適に過ごしています。 私はバリ島が大好き...
Published 4 Sep, 2018 | View: 417
こんにちは!日本語講師のTomochiです! みなさんは野球は好きですか? 日本では野球がとても人気で、プロ野球のスタジアムにはいつもたくさんのお客さんが入って盛り上がっています。 プロ野球も...
Published 31 Jul, 2018 | View: 510
「やばーい!!これやばい!!」 「やばいやばい!やばいわ〜」 「やばいね、これはやばいよ」 「やばいよやばいよ〜」 日本人(にほんじん)は「やばい」が大好(だいす)きです!! こんにち...

General Notices

Tomochi Tutor Profile

[Let's talk in Japanese a lot!]

☆Let's make the Japanese laugh in Japanese!☆
☆I support your happy and satisfying Japan's life!☆
☆It's very fit if you want to talk and have a lot of conversation in Japanese☆
・For intermediate/advanced learner 
・For N1 holder
・Of course Japanese beginner is warm welcome!
・Welcome if you feel like 'Anyway I want to talk in Japanese a lot!'.
※For fitting the lesson to your level, I check your Japanese level on the first lesson.

<I recommend my lesson for those who be interested in like the below!>
・The sense of Japanese humor
・Japan's society and culture
・Love advice in Japanese
・Training for interview test in job hunting
・Practice for the conversation with the company colleague

Hello everyone! I'm Tomochi!
I studied interpretation and translation for 2 years, and gained a master degree of inter-cultural communication.
Now I'm working on the overseas section in marketing research company in Tokyo. My job is telling the information of Japan's situation of market and society to overseas client.

I think the word is not only the basic things such a 'grammar', 'word' or 'pronunciation', such a 'culture' and 'society' are very important factor too. As a communication, if you master such a these factor your Japanese skill can be progressed so fast and well.

<About my lesson>
On my lesson, I can teach Japan's culture and society well too!
And also we can talk in English in the case of we need!
(I'm learning English for my job like you all)
I have interacted with so many foreigner who speak Japanese in graduated collage and company so far, I saw many situation of they can't have a good communication with Japanese well.
There are a lot of difficult points for foreigner such a 'tempo' or 'timing' on the conversations.

On my lesson, I would like to teach these difficult factor on communication to you all!
In a natural conversations, I teach very detail like 'humor' and 'empathy'
<Other interesting!>
・Love baseball!
 I'm a big Tokyo Giants fan.
・Love special effects productions!
 I've loved Ultraman especially Showa-era's one even now.
・Love eat delicious meals!
   I like to looking for good restaurant in Tokyo. Can tell great restaurant to you.
I very look forward to talk with you!
Take a contact with feeling free :)

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