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Published 30 Dec, 2019 | View: 145
Published 28 Nov, 2018 | View: 1208
今年も「囲碁ガールカレンダー」が制作されました!囲碁をする女性たちを集めたカレンダーです★今回、関西バージョンに出演させて頂きました。 お手に取る機会があればぜひご覧下さい!囲碁というとまだ地味な...
Published 4 Jan, 2018 | View: 1822
あけましておめでとうございます! 昨年は、新しく生徒さんも増え、 おかげさまで大変充実した1年でした。 また、「カフェトークアウォード」でベスト口コミ賞を頂くことが出来ました! 遅くなっ...
カレンダーや手帳などを新調する季節になりました。 囲碁界には、「囲碁ガールカレンダー」というものがございます。 女流棋士、囲碁インストラクター等が掲載されたカレンダーです。 何と、2018...
Published 17 Oct, 2017 | View: 1961
昨年、「囲碁界史上初の7冠」というニュースがあったのを 憶えていらっしゃいますでしょうか。 本日、井山裕太九段が2度目の7冠独占を達成されました! 昨年7冠達成後、名人を失いましたが6冠全...

Aoi.K Tutor Profile

My name is Aoi and I am a go instructor.
I have been playing go for about 17 years. As for my kiryoku (skill level), I have 6 dan license from Nihon Kiin, the central Go organization of Japan.

◆About the Game of Go◆
Some people might think, go is too difficult, go is for the elderly, go is a game for men…But those days are gone!

Nowadays, even children learn it as an extracurricular and it’s getting more and more popular. Thanks to the “Go Girl” boom, it’s gaining popularity among young women as well. Of course it can enjoyed by all ages and genders!

Go is a wonderful game that anyone can enjoy for life, regardless of age, gender, or language!    

◇How do you learn it?◇ 
Go is a very interesting game, but it can take a while to learn how to play the pieces, especially if you don’t have many chances to play or people to play against. It can be scary to join a go-playing parlor, which is why I recommend getting started here.

Even if you don’t know anything about go yet, don’t worry! I will start from the basics of the basics.

I will touch on this a bit more later, but if you learn it the wrong way, eventually you will not be able to advance, which is why I customize my lessons to your goals and teach in detail!

◆For those who want to improve ◆
Of course, if you are already an experienced player
I have lessons that will help you improve your skills.

Whether you want to move up to the next kyu, achieve a shodan ranking, or get out of the lower dan rankings, each goal requires different methods of improving, so I will find the way that works best for you.

In order to improve your kiryoku, you must change your way of thinking.

Do you feel that you haven’t been improving despite how long you’ve been playing?
Do you feel that you haven’t been improving despite how hard you study?
You may be stuck in a rut when comes to the way you think about the game.
Let’s work together to think of solutions!

◇Class Material◇
I recommend using the free site “Igo Kids” in order to play against each other during the lesson. 

Sign up is simple, so if you could book a lesson after registering an account, it should be no problem.

If for some reason we have trouble with that site, I will consider other free alternatives.

In conclusion, a little bit about me
(you can skip this part if you want)

2nd grade - Began learning go from my father 
6th - 9th grade - Began aiming to be a pro (though I did not quite get there…)

10th grade - Achieved 6 dan rank
12th grade - Won national title in individual women’s division of the High School Culture Festival 
Other - Won championship title of Women’s Amateur Go, played in national championships, etc.

There might be some people out there who read this and thought “Wow, cool!” (if you did, thank you!!)

However, this is not to say that I improved without a hitch. I have gotten discouraged over and over again. Even now I get told that I have no sense, but I keep persevering (it’s true!)

When I get stuck in a rut, I realize that finding it fun is the shortcut to improving. 

After all, if it’s not fun, it’s hard to improve or keep on going for a long time.

It would be my pleasure to help you learn and get you to think “go is fun!”

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.
Thank you in advance. 

Translation: 9/2015 - The Cafetalk Team 

Featured Interview

Q. Aoi.K講師、こんにちは! 簡単に自己紹介をお願いします。 A. こんにちは、囲碁講師のAoi.Kと申します。囲碁を少しでも普及させたく、講師を始めました。自分自身も大会などに出場しており、もっと強くなりたいと思っています。 Q. 今住んでいらっしゃる場所はどんなところかご紹介お願いします。 A. 愛知県の知多半島です。のどかなところですが、少し行けば名古屋市です。田舎と都会の良い所取りが出来て、気に入っています。 Q. お休みの日は何をして過ごしていますか? A. 囲碁を打ったり、囲碁仲間と遊んでいることが多いです。もうずっと仲良しで、囲碁仲間で集まっているのに打たずにカラオケに行ったり、お茶していることもしばしばあります(笑)甘いものは頭の回転が速くなる気がして、たまに贅沢して食べに行きます。あとは、1人でゆっくりと読書をするのも好きです。漫画も小説も、幅広いジャンルを読みま...

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