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お盆休み開始了對吧^^ 來聽首洗腦快歌吧! 東區東區! 
ようこそ台湾!又到了旅遊的季節,下半年來台灣的旅客可能會因為一些原因會少了一點,但這正是來台灣的好機會喔! YA!YA!YA! 最近台北101附近有了一個新拍照熱門景點, Discovery頻道...
Published 28 Jul, 2019 | View: 108
Singer: Puff Kuo 郭雪芙Album: I Love YouTitle: I Love YouEnglish Title: I Love Y...
Published 7 Jul, 2019 | View: 157
星期天的夜晚來聽首中文情歌吧~ 這是最新的電視劇「我們不能是朋友」的片頭曲

General Notices

Mari Taiwan Tutor Profile

Hello! My name is Mari.

I'm Taiwanese. I live in Taipei, Taiwan!

I have been teaching Chinese for 3 years and I got the TCSOL certificate in 2018.
*TCSOL (Teaching of Chinese to Speakers of other languages)
I can teach you Chinese in English!
I have lived in Shanghai before so I can also teach you simplified Chinese characters as used in China and pinyin!

I am from Taipei so I can answer your questions about traveling to Taipei and easy conversation needed for traveling!
Beginners are very welcome in my lessons!

Best lesson:
①[EnglishBook]Integrated Chinese Textbook (中文听说读写) https://cafetalk.com/lessons/detail/?id=176828&lang=en

Would you like to learn Chinese faster than before?
I will use the chatbox in Skype to type out new words and pinyin for you during the lesson, so it's easier to understand.

In this lesson you will be able to learn practical Chinese.
I love to talk with my students, using real examples to teach.
I look forward to meeting everyone of you in my lessons and help you study Chinese!

Seeing your happy faces in my lessons is the biggest happiness for me as a tutor.

*I would like you to book my class every half an hour. for example (9:00, 9:30, 10:00, 10:30 and so on...). I might not be available in between

- Cafetalk Translation August 2017

Featured Interview

こんにちは!マリと申します。 中国語講師の経験は4年あります。 昔は上海と東京に一年ずつ住んでいて、今現在台北に住んでいます。 趣味は海外旅行です。15ヶ国ぐらいに行きました。 それともう一つ、美味しい物を食べること。 ...

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