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Q.  先生は塾で教えていた経験が長く、英語・数学・理科等、幅広く指導が可能ですね。「家庭教師」としての特別な教え方や対処法はございますか?



Hello everyone!
I'm Kou! I'm from Japan :) I'm working as a teacher at cram school now.
Do you want to learn how to speak and read Nihongo?

You need someone to talk with in Japanese if you wanna enhence your speaking ability and learn how to pronounce the words and sentences correctly.

Anyone who wants to be a fluent Japanese speaker...
Let's have a conversation class with me. I want you to talk a lot in Japanese during our class. It's okay if your Japanese isn't correct. No one is perfect when you begin something new. Practice makes you perfect!! :D

Anyone who wants to be a good reader and be able to make sentences in Japanese...
We can use web articles or text books you have and read them together.  Or I'll give you sample sentences and words. Let's read them and try making Japanese sentences with the words.

If you have requests you wanna do with me, I'll be happy to help you! :) Let me know what you want to do during our class!!

I can speak English a bit so it's okay if you're a beginner of studying Japanese. Let's start with easy conversations!
If you have some Japanese text books and you wanna use it, of course it's okay! 

You can ask me anything you want to know! :)

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Eiken and Eiken CBT Prep

55min 3,000P

Skype Lesson

高校入試や大学入試にも数多く採用されている英検。 今後の入試改革でますます英検が注目されていることをご存知ですか? その英検に特化した...

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Pack of 4 (3,500 Points per lesson)


Pack of 4 (3,000 Points per lesson)



25min 1,300P

Skype Lesson


小学生のお子さんに向けた算数クラスです。 小学校で習う基本の計算は、これから一生使う大切な計算ばかりです。 中学生になる前に、しっかり...



生徒さんご自身が持っている問題集・プリントからわからないこの部分を聞きたい!というところがあるみなさんに向けたクラスです。 どうしてこう...

生徒さんご自身が持っている問題集・プリントからわからないこの部分を聞きたい!というところがあるみなさんに向けたクラスです。 どうしてこう...

Let's talk a loooooot in Japanese! You'll be a good Japanese speaker...


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