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Q: I’m interested in your lesson, “Kid’s Art Summer Special Workshop” In this lesson, do students need to prepare before the lesson?



Hello, everyone! Thanks for visiting my profile!

A little about myself and my place.

My name is Janine. Please call me Jaja instead. I'm from the Philippines. I spent my entire childhood in Manila City, the capital City of the Philippines. Then, later on, we moved to the province of San Jose Del Monte, Bulacan. Our primary language here is Tagalog while English is our second language.

My background.

I finished my Bachelor's Degree in Interior Design at Polytechnic University of the Philippines. Then, I became a Furniture Designer in one of the rattan furniture company here. Right now, I'm practicing interior design with my colleagues. Also, I love arts and crafts so much! I use my necessary skills in fine arts whenever I work with my crafts, paintings or any other artworks.

For my teaching background and style of teaching.

I don't have any professional teaching background, but I use to teach arts and crafts to my cousins and friends who ask for some help in their art projects. I find it enjoyable because I use to learn from them more than they do. According to them, I have a cheerful and outgoing personality. With that, I believe that I can start teaching by establishing good friendship and trust, in the very first place. I love to share what I’ve learned in art and design. Perhaps my heart belongs to working with the art-minded people. Or should I say that I am confidently creative with a heart!… in teaching. :)

What am I expected to teach?

The focus of my lessons is the basics of Visual Arts and Fundamentals of Design. I am also planning to upload some home decorating class soon. Right now, I prepare easy and fun hands-on practices that aim to encourage independent minds for creativity. I strive towards helping any level -the young learners, the high school level, and the adult learners as well. My curriculum is flexible to everybody and can be customized too. I also consider combining objectives as art make connections with other curricular areas too. (Language, Math, Social Sciences, History, etc.)

I prefer that you take first the talking session with me, to ask anything you want and for me to know your needs and goals in art and design class :)

What else? My hobbies?

I love watching movies and drama series so much! Korean and Filipino films are just the best! You’ll like them too! Haha. I love going outside, maybe to shopping areas, to the park, art exhibits, and to any other interesting places. I also like playing with cats.

This picture is my recent summer vacation with my family at Mt. Daraitan, in the province of Tanay Rizal, Philippines.

Let's explore beyond your wild imaginations! I can't wait to see you in my class!

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