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Recommended by Tutor: mana_flute

Dr. Ei Nagaoka, a musicology professor who teaches at a music college, has written an easy-to-understand summary of the history of the formation and evolution of the orchestra.
On a personal note, I would like to thank Professor Nagaoka for his help in my Western music history class when I was a student.
The content of the class was very easy to understand, and it was thanks to him that I came to love music history.
This book is an easy-to-understand, column-based version of the music history classes at music colleges, and is sure to be enjoyed by classical music fans, even if they are not orchestra players

Recommended by Tutor: HiroFrench

You can easily learn French from the very basics

Recommended by Tutor: Katy K.

This book has a personal experience of what it was like to grow up in South Africa during segregation. The author is now a famous talk show host in America.The book has many stories to come together to form a moving and searingly funny portrait of a boy making his way through a damaged world in a dangerous time, armed only with a keen sense of humor and a mother’s unconventional, unconditional love.

Recommended by Tutor: Spiritual Counselor Keiko

This poem was spread during the September 11, 2011 terrorist attacks in the United States. You can read it in English and Japanese. It's perfect for thinking about world affairs right now

30 mins / 600 points
Recommended by Tutor: Prasham Aseri

Ikigai is the book that I would recommend to everyone who wants to starts out and change themselves and their lives. It is a great self-improvement book everyone must read atleast once

Recommended by Tutor: Lady Ayame

Michelle Obama is not just riding on her celebrity and fame. She is a great writer in her own right. I enjoyed reading about her upbringing in Chicago, her days at Princeton University, meeting Barak Obama, and finally becoming the first lady. I believe she has a lot of salient things to learn from her story. She is a optimistic, charming, funny, poised, intelligent, beautiful, and fantastic person. I like the way she spreads her positive energy and influence young people to live a healthy and productive life

Recommended by Tutor: Marisa T

Even though the book isn't based on a true story, the characters feel authentic and relatable. The story is about a power struggle that may exist in some immigrant families: doing what's expected of you versus the desire to follow one's dreams. It's heartfelt, it's funny, it's downright heartbreaking at times, but most of all it's memorable.

Recommended by Tutor: Kou.T

Which one will survive the "tormenting world": the specialist who decides on one specialty early on, or the generalist who has experienced many different fields? It is a book that made me want to keep reading, as the story unfolded, citing actual cases and the lives of people who lived through various times. Do you know what kind of company Nintendo was originally and how it became the big company it is toda

Science Fiction
30 mins / 1,200 points
Recommended by Tutor: Julien R.-K.

This book was published in 1943, and was a great success from the moment it was released, and it's still popular today. It's one of the first French science fiction novels. It is a post-apocalyptic story, that is to say that it imagines an event that destroys our current society, and how people survive. This theme is very popular recently (Shingeki no Kyojin, The Walking Dead, 2012, The 100, etc.). In "Ravage", Barjavel imagines France in 2052, where technology makes life extremely comfortable for French people. Until the day when electricity disappears. Without electricity, nothing works anymore, and the survivors of this catastrophe must learn to live alone, without machines, with nature. This story is interesting to read because it is known by many French people, who read it at school. I also recommend because it makes us think about what we would do if electricity disappeared today, but also because it is funny to see the machines and inventions that Barjavel imagines (He imagines for example an audio book system, a very resistant plastic, a very fast train, etc.). If you like science fiction, this book is for you! If you don't like science fiction, I still recommend you to try it! :)

Recommended by Tutor: ARATYANSENSEI

Makino Arata's debut work as a historical novelist. It depicts the Taira-no-Masakado rebellion from the perspective of his adversary, Taira no Sadamori. It is also a work that confronts discrimination and prejudice. It is a rather difficult historical novel, but those who are confident in their historical knowledge and students of the University of Tokyo should definitely try to read it. It is my book.

Recommended by Tutor: Sugar

Most of our worries and troubles are things that we have created in our minds and surprisingly many people find themselves struggling with this. This book contains tips on how to free yourself from such thoughts and live more happily

Recommended by Tutor: Chiho.

It is easy to be critical of others when you express your thoughts, but this book shows how to make it easier for others to understand you without being so critical. So, I recommend this book to those who tend to be harsh in their speech and those who are not good at expressing their own opinions

25 mins / 1,000 points
Recommended by Tutor: Audrey オードリー

Easy to read, fast pace

Recommended by Tutor: tarot YURIA

I am sorry, but this is actually my own book. I recommend this book to anyone who wants to know more about the Law of Attraction, or anyone who has tried to practice the Law of Attraction in the past but it didn't work. If you read this book before you take my "Law of Attraction Coaching with Scientific Thinking Trial Lesson", you will have a better understanding of the lesson

Short story
25 mins / 1,000 points
Recommended by Tutor: Nai

想要了解台灣,並且找到閱讀故事的樂趣,這是一本十分值得推薦的書!《天橋上的魔術師》出版於2011年,是台灣作家吳明益老師的作品,書裡有十篇短篇小說,雖然是各自不同的故事,卻都發生在作家從小生長的地方——台北的中華商場,而中華商場已經在1992年拆除,更加深讀者對這些故事的吸引力!因為這些故事像是把昔日的場景與氣氛都召喚回來,讓人看到台灣的舊時光以外,也看到人與人之間的關係和情感。 這十篇小說,我在這十年間反覆閱讀了許多次,書中的小不點、石獅子、西裝店等,雖然我沒去過中華商場,但他們就好像兒時在我身旁的人事物,因此懷舊之餘,就好像進入另一個我不曾在場、卻又熟悉的時空,這就是讀小說的樂趣! 這本小說也改編成漫畫、電視劇,並翻譯成日文版《歩道橋の魔術師》,除了原著,也有其他的媒材讓讀者接觸。當然,我還是大力推薦吳明益老師的中文原著,透過他的文字,可以讀到細膩、深厚的情感與意涵。

30 mins / 1,200 points
Recommended by Tutor: Sarah Makiyama

I recommend this book for advanced English readers who enjoy fantasy and like long series like “Game of Thrones.” It will soon be coming out as a drama TV series on Amazon, so this is a good time to start reading it

30 mins / 8,200 points
Recommended by Tutor: Uta-Tomo

For those interested in the mysteries of frequency, the secrets of Gregorian chant, teleportation, etc., it's all woven together beautifully in this Catholic entertainment mystery.

55 mins / 2,000 points
Recommended by Tutor: StephanieRiann

This is a gripping , award winning novel that takes place in Atlantic Canada . It’s a real page turner , it’s hard to put down once you’ve started.

40 mins / 1,000 points
Recommended by Tutor: Sarah Nam

It encouraged me on how to be courageous in this Covid-19 in the face of fear

45 mins / 2,000 points
Recommended by Tutor: Claire

It's a portrait of teenagers growing up in a de-industrialized region of France in the 1990s. It has a very nostalgic, both sad and beautiful atmosphere, while talking about the political issues France is facing nowadays.

Recommended by Tutor: Amaka

It's funny and easy to understand

Recommended by Tutor: Arturo V

Es un libro que habla sobre los valores de la familia mexicana. Todo se cuenta a través de Panchito, un niño que llegó de vacaciones a casa de sus abuelos sin saber que viviría ahí toda su niñez. Es un libro corto y fácil de leer. Yo puedo ayudarte a tener una lectura guiada del libro. Atrévete a leer en español.

Science Fiction
50 mins / 2,000 points
Recommended by Tutor: Holly Sensei

It's written in way that draws you into this world of the not so distant future and feels totally believable

25 mins / 1,000 points
Recommended by Tutor: Caitlin T

Mystery novels are great reads because they are often quick, but keep you highly engaged as you read. I love all of the books I've read by this author, because she creates believable characters with compelling backstories. It is also a well-researched historical fiction novel about post-WWII England.

Essay (miscellaneous)
30 mins / 500 points
Recommended by Tutor: coo

A behind the scenes look into historical events

45 mins / 1,800 points
Recommended by Tutor: Istvan Zoltan Zardai

exciting story, strange protagonist, interesting moral issues, insightful about human natur

25 mins / 900 points
Recommended by Tutor: Wu


Recommended by Tutor

We'd love to hear from you if you've read any of the books recommended by our tutors!
After the campaign is over, we will introduce it on the Cafetalk Book Club special page.

Compilacion literatura hispana
Final Del Juego
The Deepest South of All
Rory Tutor
Noli Me Tangere
Sherlock Holmes In Japan
Homecoming (Star Trek: Voyager)
国際人へのパスポート Tutor
A Lonely Girl is a Dangerous Thing
Dire quasi la stessa cosa
Alberto Tutor
Morino Tutor
The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe
Jen Tutor
power of subconscious mind
El Lazarillo de Tormes
Susana Tutor
Don Juan Tenorio
Susana Tutor
American Royals
Lisa D. Tutor
Satoyo Tutor
Don Quijote de la Mancha
Juane Tutor
Cien Años de Soledad
Juane Tutor
El Alquimista, de Paulo Coelho.
Juane Tutor
The Murder of Roger Ackroyd
Relato de un náufrago
Como agua para chocolate
FangYu Tutor
横道世之介 (English title: A Story of Yonosuke)
Misae Tutor
coo Tutor
心の持ち方 完全版
coo Tutor
Three thousand stitches
The Silent Patient
Lorna Tutor
魔法の小石を探して ー本当の自分を生きるためにー
Perfume: The Story of a Murderer
Anne of Green Gables
Kaoru.H Tutor
Le voyage d’Hector ou la recherche du bonheur. Auteur : François Lelord

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