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Romain Tutor Profile

Bonjour !
My name is Romain, and I'm from France.
I have been living in Japan since 2009 and have taught French in various ways.
For instance, I’ve taught French as an assistant at Niigata University, a private tutor, a tutor at Akita Prefectural University, as well as teaching online classes through Skype and Cafetalk to a wide variety of students.
I welcome all levels of French learners, from elementary level students to those who have passed the DELF B2, DALF C2 and level 1 in the French Proficiency Test.
I can teach basic conversational French that you can use whilst your travels, to complex grammar. Let’s enjoy learning French!
Once we finish our consultation, I will adjust my lessons to fit your level and needs.
Some of you may be concerned that French is a difficult language and worried if we can communicate, but please rest assured.
I've been living in Japan for more than 10 years
now, so I don't have any trouble communicating in Japanese(^^)/
I always welcome new students, so please feel free to contact me no matter your level or age.
In addition, regarding your appointment, it would be helpful if you could check my schedule before making an appointment. Please note that if you book a lesson right after someone else's reservation who is already in, your lesson will start a few minutes earlier or later.
Sur ce, à très bientot ! (^^)/
Thank you very much for your cooperation.

P.S. Please note that I do understand English, but I do not teach French in English.
P.S. 2: I’m currently unable to offer lessons for children under the age of 12.

 【 Cafetalk Translation / April 2020 】
Please note that this profile has been translated by Cafetalk for easier understanding.

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