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Published 24 Jan, 2020 | View: 121
キャンペーンページにヴァイオリンの選び方、買い方、自分の楽器との出会い方について寄稿させていただきました٩( 'ω' )وhttps://cafetalk.com/campaign/mu...
Published 9 Aug, 2019 | View: 617
あと少しで発表会ですね。   例年気になることをいくつか確認のために挙げておきたいと思います!   ・一度は本番の衣装で弾いてみましょう。 案外袖の丈の問題で弾く時につ...
Published 9 Jun, 2019 | View: 612
ヴァイオリンを購入した時、あるいは譲り受けた時に肩当(ショルダーレスト)を一緒に入手しましたか? これはもともとヴァイオリニスト、メニューインが五十肩で演奏に苦しんだ時に発明したものです。 &n...

General Notices

Nice to meet you. I’m Yuta Nakamura and I’m a violin instructor.

Thank you for taking a look at my profile.

Let’s jump right in. I have 3 lesson mottos:

  • Finding out exactly what music and violin means to you, and creating a brand new perspective for your everyday life.
  • “By means of industry and perseverance you will rise higher and higher.” (R. Shumann)
  • “It's not enough to practice. Obviously you have to practice, but you have to invent ways of doing better.” (N. Milstein)
Whether you’ve just started or have been playing for years, I think you know all too well the pain and joy that comes from holding a violin in your hands.

Everybody starts for different reasons, but the question is whether or not you can continuously make new discoveries and new developments in the joy of playing the violin.

The answer lies in your technique and faith.

Handling a violin and getting it to produce sound is simply a matter of physics.
Intervals and posture differ by the individual, but by analyzing them one by one and thinking of things simply, you can expand your possibilities.

On the other hand, music itself (playing it, listening to it) is more a matter of spirit.

I have experience teaching at a cram school (when I was in college), giving many clients advice at a big name instrument shop, teaching music arts to children for over 10 years at children’s centers, kindergartens, and preschools, collecting data on folk music, music “education” through work, and thinking about music in everyday life.

I am very happy to now have the opportunity to share music with even more people through online lessons!

※If you feel anxious about taking lessons because you having trouble tuning your violin on your own, or for any other reason, please talk to me first.

※If you’re not sure whether or not the lessons I have already published suit you, please feel free to contact me and ask. We can also confer during a trial lesson in order to create exactly the lesson you had in mind.

◆I am considering offering Sonata and Concerto (Chamber Music) lessons

※I may decline requests made more than two weeks in advance due to my concert schedule.

※If you’re interested in taking lessons on a regular basis, I may recommend a different course for you depending on your level. Please consult with me.


From Setodacho in Onomichi.
Graduated from Okayama Hakuryo Junior High School and entered the Nihon University’s College of Art.
Studied violin under Miki Toshie, Yoshiko Inoue, and Naoya Yoshida.
Learned how to teach children from from Yuri Shires.
Collected data on “Music Within Everyday Life” from the Xilingol Grassland (Inner Mongolia), Clejani, the commune of the gypsy musicians (Romania), and (Ishigaki Island)
Member of Tokyo International Association of Artists and Japan International League of Artists. Performed in Onomichi’s Newcomer Concert and won JILA competition.
Performed in concerts at Suntory Hall’s Blue Rose (Small Hall) , Sumida Triphony’s small hall and HAKUJU HALL.
Invited as a guest lecturer at Tokyo Kasei University (General Remarks on Childcare), Tamagawa University (On Teaching Small Children), Meiji Gakuin University (International Relations and Music).
Performed a Fauré lullaby on violin in the Story Concierge corner of J:COM channel’s “Suijin” in 2012.
In 2010, started performing in recitals focusing on Robert Schumann’s compositions, programming rarely performed works such as his posthumous 3rd Sonata and Concert in D Minor.
Currently collaborating with Japanese tea sommelier Yoshi Watada (Omotesando Chanomama), exploring themes in music and tea.
Over 10 years of experience energetically performing in children’s centers, kindergartens, and preschools.
Violin school chairman.

Translation: 1/2015 - The Cafetalk Team

カフェトーク『秋の音楽コンサート』 from Cafetalk on Vimeo.

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