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General Notices

Hello there!

My name is David and I am a native British English speaker and professional English teacher from London, England.

I have lived in the UK for my entire life, but in August 2017 I left my family, friends and my business to explore and work in Japan with my girlfriend. I am also learning Japanese, and intend to improve my Japanese ability a lot over this time!

As well as teaching English, I have ran my own health and fitness business for 10 years, and so I have a large amount of experience teaching people from all different cultures and backgrounds! I am an Advanced Personal Trainer, Pilates Teacher, Yoga Instructor, Tai Chi instructor, Lower Back Pain Specialist and Nutrition Consultant!

I am currently the head consultant and chief trainer for a private medical gym in Hokkaido, as well as living and teaching privately in Nara, but I am also the British voiceover and script artist for the largest Yoga app in the world! :-)

I have been told that I am friendly and fun to work with, and I hope you feel that this is true!

I enjoy travelling, scuba diving, philosophy, spirituality, playing musical instruments, reading books and in particular playing sports, and have competed with good success in ultra-distance running (up to 100 miles/161km) and martial arts.

Scuba Diving is a huge passion of mine, and I have dived in many differnent parts of Asia. I am currently qualfied as an Advanced Open Water Diver, and recently became certified as a Rescue Diver! I try to dive wherever possible. My favourite diving destinations so far have been 'The Dream Hole' in Manza, Okinawa and diving with huge manta rays in Ishihaki, although diving in the middle of the night in Chatan was also a lot of fun! I am currently working on my underwater photography skills - although I am still a complete novice! :-)


I offer conversation practice and English lessons, with error correction and feedback, which have a strong focus on enabling you to speak and understand British English in the way it is really spoken in the UK!

These lessons will be balanced so that they are both effective and enjoyable, as I believe this is an essential part of the learning process.

My lessons are relaxed and informal, to help you to build up your confidence as you go along, without worrying about making mistakes.

I structure lessons and conversation practice around subjects of your choice (for example travel, health, philosophy, politics, films, music and more!) to ensure that you learn vocabulary that is relevant to you.

I will give student feedback and notes/tips after EVERY lesson, regardless of which lesson you are taking. Even if it is Yoga, Pronunciation Practice, Relaxed Conversation Practice or Tai Chi - I can PROMISE that you will receive detailed notes and advice on how to improve after each lesson, sent via Cafetalk.

I also offer NON-SKYPE lessons if you are interested :-)

For those of you who want to learn, but don't have or don't want a webcam - you may be interested in the following :

- Proofreading / Native Check (500 or 1000 words)

- 1-Month Customised Exercise Programme 

- 51 Common British English Phrasal Verbs

- 31 Authentic British Idioms

Thank you all in advance, and please feel free to suggest any specific lessons you would like me to create for you!


As someone who has worked with many athletes and students from all walks of life over the past 10 years, I understand the issues that people commonly face when it comes to losing weight, gaining muscle, increasing strength, or learning to play a sport.

My online training sessions/lessons are designed around the idea that everyone is an individual and therefore should be treated as such, with respect to their likes, dislikes, fitness level, the ability to learn and more. Please see my lessons for more details about these.

I have been on a 'plant-based' or 'vegan' diet for over 10 years, and in this time I have seen my health and sporting performances dramatically improve. I combine my knowledge of this diet with my nutrition qualifications in order to create the perfect diet plan to achieve your goals.

I love speaking with people from different cultures and feel that my personable and relaxed approach is a perfect learning environment from students of all levels, from all walks of life.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and have a lovely day! :-)

'LIVE as if you will die tomorrow, but LEARN as if you will live forever!'


Featured Interview

Q. Hi David! Let’s start off with a brief self-introduction! A. Hi there! My name’s David, and I’m a professional English teacher as well as an Advanced Personal Trainer, Yoga Instructor, Nutrition Consultant and more! I have been teaching and training students and clients for 11 years now, and helping other people to achieve their goal is my biggest passion in life! Q. According to your profile,...

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